COVID-19: punitive actions will be taken against violates of SOP’s: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation on Thursday and said precautionary measures will be enforced, by the government, punitive actions will be taken.

The PM said SOP violation will only worsen the situation and punitive measures for violators of safety protocols enforced to safeguard against the coronavirus, saying they will be “locked up”.

He also said that “I am receiving data from across the country and I will review the whole country’s situation with regard to standard operating procedures from PM’s office.”

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“I have reports from Punjab and Sindh about adherence to SOPs. I know about mosques, courts, public offices, parks, industries, shopping malls, shops, local transport and inter-city travel and private transport.

He also said that we managed the economy and the pandemic together, the ncial situation is worsened in India, their hospitals are flooded and poor is running out of cash.

The PM also said that we will take smart action to combat the COVID-19, unfortunately, he figures are increasing but still, e are in better condition than the United States and Europe.