Dishwashing sponge or dessert? Optical illusion

Alice Munro from Tasmania has impressed thousands of her viewers and home bakers with this optical-illusion ‘sponge’ dessert that can easily be mistaken for an actual household cleaning item.

Munro, a grandmother-of-10, carefully constructed a vanilla cake to make it look identical to dishwashing sponges.

Explaining about the recipe, the 52-year-old said she used a $4 cake mix, buttercream and green, yellow and black food colourings to replicate the household cleaning item

“I like to make look-a-like [object] cakes and I love trying different thing,” she told foreign media outlet and added that she got the idea in a Facebbok group and decided to go for it after watching few “dishwashing sponge cake” tutorials.

“I got the idea in a Facebook group so I googled ‘dishwashing sponge cake’, watched a few tutorials and decided I’d give it a go,” added Ms Munro.

Munro said she even surprised herself after she managed to match the same shades of green and yellow to the actual kitchen sponge.

Ms Munro credits Google for teaching her how to get creative in the kitchen.

In February 2019, Ms Munro wowed thousands of people after sharing a seemingly innocent snap of a ‘KFC meal’ (pictured) on social media. It was actually a carefully constructed cake – only the chip box, Pepsi label and sauce packets are real.

She said the impressive creation took her five to six hours to make to ensure it looked like the real deal.