Edhi morgues to re-open

Karachi: Edhi Foundation has announced that it has resumed its morgue services across the city.

An Edhi Foundation spokesman stated that the morgue and ghusl services have been resumed at Edhi Homes in various localities across the city.

According to him, Edhi Foundation has trained its workers and staff to deal with coronavirus victims in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) to protect and ensure their safety.

Earlier, mortuary services across the province were directed to shut down in light of the virus outbreak to ensure the safety of workers and staff.

Government has issued official guidelines for the burial of those who are suspected to have died of the coronavirus. According to which a designated team, depending on the individual’s gender, will prepare the body for burial. The team and any family member, if they wish to participate in preparing the body, have been strictly ordered to wear personal protective equipment (PPEs).

All clothing will need to be disposed of properly in an infectious waste bag. The body will be given dry ablution, wrapped in a ‘kaffan’ and then packed in a plastic bag. All surfaces and the wrapped body will be disinfected with chlorine before it is placed inside a coffin and sealed.

Next of kin have been advised to maintain distance and minimise their exposure to the dead body. The guidelines say the family of the deceased has to be counseled on the risks of the disease spreading so that they comply with and understand the guidelines.