Estimation of three deaths in Kabul rocket attack

There’s an estimation of three deaths and six injured in the current Kabul rocket attack – that smacked Kabul, exact after its independence day.

Central Kabul was attacked by fourteen rockets, on Tuesday – meanwhile the country symbolled its 101st anniversary of its liberty, when a missile lambasted the compound of the well-known Arg Presidential Palace.

Tariq Arian, Interior ministry negotiator declared that three people added two government servant had been killed in the wallop.

The employees were not identified but the AFP told by two official palace guards that on the circumstances of obscureness – they were declared members of Ghani’s honour guards.

After Ghani packed up his celebratory duties on Tuesday – another attack witnessed when the rocket bombarded the palace premises shortly and lacerated six employees badly.

The Arg mansion has situated in a highly secure location of the capital – while habitating several embassies.

Arian declared that sixteen other people got injured in the fiasco – together with four children and a woman.

None of the batches had so far stated the attack – which came as the Afghan government and Taliban assured to have peace conversations.

Ghani’s inaugural ceremony which happened on the 9th of March had also disturbed by a rocket fire close by palace – at that incident no major injuries were reported.

In August 2018 – various rockets were bombarded on Kabul, including at the presidential mansion – where Ghani was performing a discourse.