Extremist nationalist organizations must be banned: Pakistan in UNSC

Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations, has said that extremist nationalist organizations must be banned in light of their violent nature and approach.

Presenting Pakistan’s proposal of an action plan in UN Security Council (UNSC) regarding the issue of extremist nationalist ideologies, Munir Akram stressed that nationalist organizations along with Hindutva entities need to be banned as they are a threat to regional, global peace and security.

Such extremist, nationalist supremacist organizations need to be ‘outlawed’ by UNSC as it had done with other terrorist groups, said Munir Akram.

If not countered, these violent and racist organizations will fuel violence and will boost the narrative adopted by terrorist organizations such as ISIS/Daesh and Al-Qaeda, he added.

Munir Akram underscored the dangers of ‘Hindutva’ ideology adopted by India’s ruling BJP under Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Neo-fascist and supremacist organizations such as BJP’s militant wing Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) are nothing short of an ‘existential threat’ to more than 180 million Muslims living in India.

2020 Delhi riots which saw several Muslims being lynched to death by angry Hindu mobs is a testament to the dangers of Hindutva ideology and its followers.

Pakistan has urged UNSC to ban Hindutva extremist groups such as RSS under the mandate of 1267 Sanctions Committee.