Facebook pulled out Trump’s video confusing corona virus campaign

The very initial measure that Facebook removed a post within four hours, by Mr. Trump’s campaign for the misaddressing lay out of the coronavirus campaign.

It is declared that it has not affected an exclusive change to the brand’s defense of constitutional freedom.

Facebook pulled out a video uploaded by the campaign of Donald Trump – spreading the misleading information about covid-19, on Wednesday. He declared children were immune to the lethal virus, against the rules of social violation about network’s terms and conditions of misleading about the virus.

Though the social platform has taken down several posts by Trump’s campaign regarding to the violation of other strategies.

In the month of June Facebook deleted posts representing the use of a Nazi related Symbol – which has broken the terms of maintaining the company’s rules constituting organized hate.

The moment action was occurred on Wednesday, did not affected a single change to the Facebook’s fierce defense of right of free expression. Facebook’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg – has claimed the social network isn’t the expression for intercessor of truth and that is in the public’s delight to witness what political representers upload. Even if they add fabrication from the leaders like Donald Trump. Mr. Zuckerberg perched by the situation – even as the other social platforms like Twitter, which have upheld their rule enforcement – with regard to the President’s speech.

That video which was prohibited to remain on the social sites – was displaying an interview happened with the Fox news earlier on the day. In the clip, he posted about the opening of schools from this fall, asserting that children are virtually immune to the mortal virus.

Most of the medical professionals had not supported his theory.

“They have got such powerful immune systems than we do, somehow for this”. They don’t have a problem. They just don’t have a problem” Claimed by Mr. Trump.