‘Fair & Lovely’ brand to be renamed: Unilever

Multinational consumer goods company Unilever, on Thursday, announced that it will rebrand and their Fair & lovely product along with renaming various other skin related products.

According to details, Unilever will be rebranding and renaming their one of the most iconic and widely used skin related product ‘Fair & Lovely’ in a bid to be more inclusive in Pakistani market.

“We’re committed to a skin care portfolio that’s inclusive of all skin tones,” read the statement issued via company’s twitter handle.

Furthermore, the company has also announced that it will no longer use terminologies like ‘fairness’ and ‘whitening’ with their products.

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Expressing his views on the move, CEO Unilever Pakistan Amir Paracha stated that the company is an ever evolving organization and they have taken yet another bold step to be more inclusive and be more supportive and able to effectively portray a diverse concept of beauty.

“This ambition has been in the works for some time with significant steps such as the removal of the dual-faced cameo and shade guides from the packaging of Fair & Lovely in 2019,” he noted.

The development comes as cosmetics companies have been facing severe backlash over the beauty concepts portrayed and propagated by their products and advertisements which degrade the darker skin tones and limit and link the ideals of beauty to having fair skin.