Families of Indian soldiers await dead bodies of their loved ones killed at Ladakh

Families of Indian soldiers grieve, as they wait for the dead bodies of their family members killed in border altercation with China at Ladakh.

Indian government has been facing severe criticism after 20 Indian Army soldiers died in a border clash with Chinese forces at Ladakh. India and China share the world’s largest unmarked border spanning 3,500-kilometres.  On Monday, June 15, Chinese and Indian forces were involved in an intense border altercation resulting in 20 casualties on the Indian side.

Public pressure has been mounting on Indian government, demanding a stern response against China, after it was revealed that no shots were fired in the incident and a large number of the casualties on the Indian side occurred after its soldiers fell in the river and succumbed to the below freezing temperature.

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Reports have emerged that Indian several Indian soldiers actually succumbed to the injuries received due to their physical altercation with Chinese troops who were armed with sticks, stones and metal rods.

Earlier in the day, Indian media reported that ten Indian soldiers, including four officers, who were detained by China on June 15, have been released by China and are back on the Indian side.

It is to be noted that India and China have been engaged in a military buildup at their Ladakh border region namely Line of Actual Control (LAC). This is the first violent escalation at Indo-China border region since 1975.