Followers of Junaid Jamshed recall him on his 56th birthday

The universally beloved artist and the singer of most cherished solidarity anthem “Dil dil Pakistan” JJ has been recalled from thousands of his fans today on his 56th birthday.

Junaid Jamshed was born on 3rd of September 1964. He was a patriotic civil servant as contractor and an engineer for the Pakistan Air Force before emerging into a maestro.

After turning himself into the music industry and leading a music brand named “Vital Signs” he achieved plenty of a success and good name in the duration of 1980’s. The most remembered songs of his are “Aitebaar” “Dil ki baat” and “Hum Tum” and so many other famous albums which are being listened by his followers by such love, till date.

The pop music organization was captured by Junaid Jamshed for almost fifteen years. In a matter of time he packed up his music passion and left town for a spiritual voyage of religious guidance to upraise the humanity and serve his motherland with such great deeds and pride. During his lifetime he also represented his own luxurious clothing brand named J.

In December 2016, there happened a mourning day when he departed the mortal world and embrace martyrdom along with his first wife, in the plane crash in Havelian, while travelling from Chitral to Islamabad.

There are several tweets which are trending on twitter, how his followers are missing him at the day of his fifty-sixth birth celebration.