Food prices increased by 20% as Sindh observes lockdown

Karachi: Sindh government has imposed a strict province-wide lockdown due to which essential food products have had their prices increased by 20 per cent.

According to Farid Qureshi, Secretary General Karachi Retail Grocers Association, prices of essential food items have increased by upto 20 per cent in the wholesale market.

As per the details, price of split red lentil (masoor) has been increased by 20per cent to Rs125 from Rs104/kg, split-washed black gram (maash) by 12 per cent or Rs20/kg to Rs185 from Rs165/kg, split Bengal gram (chana) price has increase by 8per cent to Rs135/kg from Rs125. While Green gram washed (moong) price has increased to Rs230 from Rs225.

Similarly, flour prices have witnessed a spike of 10 per cent, to Rs550 from Rs500 per 10 kg.

Mr Qureshi has expressed that transporters have increased their rates by 50 per cent which has caused a spike in food prices.

“A Suzuki pickup is charging Rs1,500 per trip against Rs1,000 per trip it charged before the lockdown,” he noted.

Senior Vice President Sindh Abadgar Board, Mehmood Nawaz Shah has said that Sindh government has imposed section 144 on inter-district transportation of wheat which has resulted in supply shortage in Karachi. He appealed to the government to lift the ban to enable smooth availability of wheat to the citizens of Karachi.