From rags to riches as fisherman bags Rs 8.6 million worth of catch

A Gwadar fisherman belonging from Pishkan became a millionaire after he caught a rare fish worth more than Rs 7 million in coastal waters in Jiwani.

Waheed Baloch, the fisherman who caught the rare croaker fish became a millionaire after his catch weighing 48 kilograms was sold for Rs 7.2 million i.e. Rs 180,000 per kilogram.

During the auction, the price even went up to Rs 8.6 million, said Sajid Haji Ababakar – the owner of the boat skippered by Waheed Baloch.

Ahmed Nadeem – Deputy Director Fisheries Gwadar, has confirmed the remarkable feat achieved by fishemran Waheed Baloch.

According to Abdul Rahim Baloch – Gwadar Development Authority Assistant Director Environment and Marine Biologist, croaker fish, locally known is ‘Kir’ is highly valuable due to its air bladder in which it floats due to filling up of air. The fish has a significantly high demand in medical field as it is used in various medical procedures, surgeries.

Earlier, a fisherman named Abdul Haq had caught a croaker fish which was auctioned at Rs 780,000.