Gaza’s Bleeding

The narrow strip of Gaza is inhabited by a few hundred thousand people who are subjected to fire and blood every now and then. The ferocious enemies of the Palestinians, reflect the worst of human behaviour and who are ever ready to kill and pillage. I’m still haunted by the image of a woman from Gaza who was pregnant.

She was severely wounded in Israeli bombings and succumbed to her injuries being able to give birth to her unborn child. She was immediately brought to a first-aid camp and operated upon in the hope of saving the baby, but apparently, Zionism does not even spare unborn children who are still in their mother’s womb as both mother and the child died due to the Israeli bombing. The bomb caused a severe wound around on child’s waist and eventually both of them embraced martyrdom.

I wonder what I would say if this child asked me the reason for his murder on the Day of Judgment. What will I say about the crime for which he and his mother were erased from the face of the earth? Where are the world’s flagbearers of peace in the world who in fact are such ardent advocate of peace that they do not even hesitate to wage war in the name of peace; where are the human rights activists who often resort to targeting a country under the guise of this slogan and adopt various tactics ranging from economic, trade sanctions to airstrikes to achieve their goals.

Destruction and death plague the Gaza strip, but the world powers remain ignorant of the ‘blood soaked’ peace and blatant human rights violations. Gaza, Palestine – what a distinctive place. Oh Allah, on this planet where people offer five prayers in a day, the people of Gaza offer six, with the sixth being funeral prayers.

The soul trembles, seeing the condition of the people of Gaza I hope that only if God somehow enables me to help my brothers and sisters in Gaza. Although I’m not there, my pen will continue to speak against oppression and brutality against humanity. As long as my heart beats, and I breathe, my pen will continue to write against oppression. The so-called ‘protectors of peace’ who support Israel continue to justify their cruelty and hypocrisy; however, they will face God’s wrath eventually as they will have to answer for the atrocities against humanity they’re committing today.

This small piece of land known as ​​the Gaza strip, inhabits a limited population and is subjected to blood and destruction time after time, and exposes the hypocrisy and indifference of this world. Even today, the oppressed Palestinians of Gaza are effectively revealing the harsh truth of this world, that power is everything in this world. Logic, common sense and ethics all succumb or compromise against power. The dead bodies of innocent children scattered across Gaza demand justice from human rights activist and flagbearers.

These corpses ask these claimants, that you who are so kind-hearted and who cannot bear animal cruelty, who advocate for the rights of homosexuals when they are barred from obscenity, and you who are bothered by child labour; then why can’t you see these charred bodies in Gaza? Don’t you consider them human? Do you consider them less than animals? These questions reveal the sad reality of the prevailing peace and human rights slogans in the world.

The escalation in the Gaza conflict has exposed everyone, including both the world powers claiming peace and the rulers of the Muslim countries.  Muslim nations are laden with resources, and whose oil production is in fact the backbone of economies of the world powers, their rulers whose back accounts are a result of providing essential financial and economic strength to the western countries, and whose population exceeds the one billion mark with the capability to have a devastating impact on the economies of the US and Europe via boycotting their goods. But these Muslim countries and their rulers are incapable of anything other than mere lip-service as they are bound by their personal interests and so-called national interests.

Ensuring a befitting response to Israel’s brutality on one hand, the rulers of the Muslim world won’t even dare to take substantial economic measures against Israel’s patrons and allies forcing them to ‘restrain’ Israel. Even if Muslim countries decided to boycott the products of Israel’s allies, the prevailing circumstances and situation may change within a span of few days; but then why would fear and egocentric tendencies allow this to happen.

So apparently the only solution to this problem is the use of force and an economic boycott, as fiery speeches, protests, rallies, pro-Palestinian slogans will continue to be raised, Israeli and American flags will continue to be burned, but it will not prevent the oppression against the Palestinians and  the people of Gaza will continue to face death and destruction.