Government introduces ‘Pak Nigehbaan’ app regarding ventilator availability in the country

The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC), on Friday, introduced ‘Pak Nigehbaan’ app to keep track of ventilator availability in hospitals across the country.

‘Pak Nigehbaan’ app can be downloaded from various mobile app stores such as play store and app store, moreover it’s also available at and Google Drive.

According to officials, the app will be interlinked with over 1,110 hospitals across the country and will track and provide information regarding the availability of ventilators in hospitals across the country in real time.

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The app will assist patients as well as healthcare professionals and emergency responders in emergencies for instead of visiting one hospital after another, they they can utilize this app for immediate referral and guidance regarding ventilator availability.

Furthermore, NCOC has also launched the Resource Management System which will sync more than 15,459 hospitals and medical facilities in the country.

It is to be noted that medical facilities and resources have been facing immense stress due to continuous influx of coronavirus patients, with the current tally being 90,020 COVID-19 cases resulting in1,838 deaths so far.