Govt still committed to agreement with BNP-M: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed government commitment to its agreement with the BNP-M and would try to persuade him to review his decision of leaving the coalition.

Qureshi said that the government was not concerned about any developments regarding its allies as “ups and downs are part of politics”.

He said that the PTI will establish contact with Mengal to persuade him to review his decision. “He is an MNA, a lawmaker and the leader of his party,” said FM Qureshi. “We listened to what he had to say. We will try to satisfy his demands.”

He said that Akhtar Mengal was a respected politician and that the PTI was bound by the agreement it had signed with the BNP-M. “He mentioned an agreement with us [PTI], we are still bound by it,” said the foreign minister. “We are not rejecting it,” added, stating that talks can be held to discuss the pace of the progress at which it needs to be implemented.

However, the foreign minister said that Mengal was “independent in making his own decisions” about the coalition government.