Hoarding and profiteering amid virus out break declared ‘Haraam’

Islamabad: Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has issued a fatwa against profiteering and hoarding of food items amid coronavirus crisis in the country.

Pakistan Ulema Council has declared profiteering and hoarding basic food items as ‘haraam’ (impermissible).

According to PUC, due to due to coronavirus outbreak, the country is in a crisis and under such circumstances hoarding of basic food items has stained the food supply across the country and has worsened the food shortage and such act is against the principles of Sharia’h.Pakistan Ulema Council has appealed to government to recover hoarded goods, and take strict action against individuals opting for mere profits by hoarding goods in these dire circumstances.

The fatwa comes at a time when a country-wide lockdown has been imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus which has resulted in food shortages and price hikes in various parts of the country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has also highlighted the issue of hoarding and artificial food shortages multiple times, and has vowed to take exemplary action against such acts.