How Domestic violence rate rose drastically during COVID-19 in India

The rate of domestic violence has always at a pinnacle in India since so many years, and the news is nothing new but heart-crushing always to the core. Due to several reports and complains, the last year rate of domestic violence in India is 1.32 million.

The national crime reports bureau of India stated 5.9 percent – 100,000 number of women has been the victims of physical violence, since every year. So you couldn’t even calculate the exceeding cases of physical abuse due to overwhelming wreck of coronavirus. When lifestyle became nothing but just sitting unoccupied at home, jobs, routines, outings, everything gets closed cause of the deathly effects of the plague. The sick-minded men spend their vacant days of covid-19 by abusing their woman, emotionally, mentally and physically – at the extreme verge of tolerance.

Woman are always forbearing the cruel acts of culprits just for the sake of won’t want to break their homes and child’s future – which is not an excuse to tolerate the crime but the extreme compulsion. It’s not initial that they are always fighting this dark battle due to the need for psychological, societal, and financial support from their spouses. Sexist, misogynistic, toxic masculinity like harsh taboos tied their legs with ropes to raise their voices for the sake of their own safety. Nature of men has always been the reason to put down their spirits to the lower and darkened alleys of despair. However, most women were safe before corona just because of their occupied routines and working hours, which make them away from the conservative environment of their homes and they came back at night to take rest in those tired soul-sucking abode to start a new voyage with the new dawn.

The times of India has published an article at 21st May 2020, highlighting the issue:

The national lockdown has reported more than 50% rise in domestic violence. A report prepared by NALSA documents showed that a total of 144 cases of abuse were filed in Uttarakhand alone followed by increasing cases in Haryana and New Delhi.

The national commission of woman has reported a 94 percent of rise in domestic violence cases during the locked down, in their homes.

The crime numbers against gender abuse has always been underrated in India. Threats of murder, losing their lives, children make them fragile to sat foot aside for a single step to end the long odyssey of torture – and the lack of resources under locked down has increased its rating to the skies.

As an educated and intellect, and first of all a human being – a biological relationship with the victims of this cruel act – how could one thinks like that domestic violence is fair to attempt because of their facing mental, financial and physical stress? Nothing would ever be considered as an excuse to hitting, or murdering someone on the basis of the no matter what issues the other half is facing.

The issues appear in the lockdown are extremely brutal and there should be a stronger law against the culprits. But unfortunately, there is no specific law represents human rights and set its motive to support the victims but just have unstable support groups, Facebook groups or shelter homes for the lower class woman or an elite and middle class – who cry their hearts out and again decided to continue the journey with their predators. This makes all woman around every part of country sacrifice their dignity, self-respect and what not for the sake of their already shattered homes.

Maybe if the government could take action someday in future so a little chance of improvement for the upcoming generations would get some higher hopes for today’s miserable victims who haven’t and would not get the chance to save their lives, peace of mind and body from the plague called domestic violence.