IBA Karachi had a commotion after the denial to students for leaves due to Covid-19

The Institute of Business Administration Karachi faced extreme hubbub after the announcement on Wednesday, of not permitting leave to students who’d have contract to novel virus – 

The present students of IBA has currently received an email concerned about the topic of coronavirus and the SOP’s which should be strictly followed by each student after the reopening of the campus from 15th of September 2020.

The indenture displayed the further lines: “Please note, if a student contracts covid-19 he/she will not be given any leeway in attendance. Absences allowed for a course as per policy will remain in force and no exception on medical grounds would be given. Use your absences wisely, be cautious in late comings and in skipping classes. The allowed number of absences for every class diverse between two and five days”.

All the students outraged about the document representing the condition that if a student caught the deadly virus they won’t be allowed to enter the campus premises and meanwhile they cannot get any leeway about their attendance.  The news got several of angered students to twitter and digital media platforms asking the government to take an action and had signed petitions calling the implemented rule “inhumane’ and “injustice “with the students of IBA.