Imran Khwaja to become interim ICC Chairman

Imran Khwaja is set to take charge as interim Chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) as Shashank Manohar stepped down from the post on Wednesday.

Imran Khwaja – former president of the Singapore Cricket Association is expected to be appointed as interim ICC chairman replacing his predecessor Shashank Manohar – a prominent Indian lawyer and former two time head of the Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) India.

Imran Khwaja – 64, is a lawyer, and has served as the head of Singapore Cricket Association and was elected as ICC’s deputy chairman in 2017.

Expressing his views on the contributions of his predecessor, Imran Khwaja stated, “Everyone on the ICC Board extends their wholehearted thanks to Shashank for the commitment he has shown to our sport. There is no doubt that cricket owes Shashank a debt of gratitude for all he has done for the sport. He has left cricket and the ICC in a better place than he found it”.

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Meanwhile ICC has stated that the Board would finalize the nomination process to elect Manohar’s full-time successor ‘within the next week’.

It is to be noted that ICC last held elections for the chairman’s position in 2016, wherein to be eligible, the candidate needs to be either a present or past ICC Director – one who attends at least one ICC Board meeting – and has to be nominated by one current ICC Director. Nominees with the support of two or more Directors are eligible to contest an election.