India cannot defeat Pakistan in military domain, admits Indian Defence Analyst

N.C. Asthana – a defence analyst and former officer of Indian police service (IPS), has admitted in his book that India cannot defeat Pakistan in military domain.

N.C. Asthana in his book titled ‘National Security and Conventional Arms Race: Spectre of a Nuclear War’, has admitted that Pakistan cannot be defeated militarily.

The book highlights that India’s obscurity regarding its strategic objectives and there is a drastic contrast between the media’s rhetoric propaganda and ground realities.

India has no clarity about its military and strategic objectives

Mr Asthana contends that India’s invincibility is a myth and that it cannot defeat Pakistan via military force and tactics.

India’s much touted ‘cold start doctrine’ is quite predictable, lacks element of surprise, and hence will not be effective against Pakistan, he argues.

India’s warmongering approach, polices are fueled by extensive foreign arms purchase as the country has imported US$ 14 billion of weapons since 2014 in addition to the Dassault Rafale fighter jets from France, wrote N.C. Asthana.

In addition to it India is expected to spend another US$ 130 billion in the next 10 years to fulfill its obsession to secure military supremacy against adversaries.

Import of conventional weapons will never guarantee a permanent solution, as India cannot defeat Pakistan or China in military domain, says Asthana.

The former IPS officer stresses upon the fact that India had so far failed to execute any comprehensive diplomacy with Pakistan, and instead has preferred warmongering and jingoism for domestic political gains.

Indian leaders have adopted anti-Pakistan rhetoric as a diversion from domestic issues namely poor governance, inflation, health and education sector woes, shrinking economy etc.

N.C. Asthana is a highly regarded author who is known for his impartial analyses and criticism against political and military policies.