India in dismay after Saudi Arabia excludes Kashmir from the former on its new currency note

India has been left fuming after Saudi Arabia excluded Kashmir from the former on the map on its new currency note.

As per details, Saudi Arabia in the world map depicted on its new 20 Riyal note, has excluded Jammu and Kashmir as Indian territory.

India has lodged its protest with Saudi Authorities for depicting Jammu and Kashmir separately and not as a part of India.

New Delhi has expressed ‘serious concern’ over Saudi Arabia’s move as the current G-20 head, a group which also includes India as well.

Saudi move is significant as Jammu and Kashmir is contested by India, Pakistan and even China. At the moment the disputed valley is bifurcated between the three countries, for the most part between Pakistan and India, with China controlling some of its northern territory.

In addition to it, innumerable United Nations Security Resolutions (UNCSR), in contradiction with the illegal Indian occupation of the disputed valley, declare Jammu and Kashmir a disputed territory, giving Kashmiri people a right to self-determination which has not been fulfilled so far by the Indian side.

Saudi depiction of Kashmir, is an essential boost to the Kashmir cause and Kashmiris’ struggle to secure their right to self-determination.

Furthermore, it also proves Pakistan’s success in effectively promoting Kashmir cause on diplomatic front and exposing Indian atrocities in the disputed valley against Muslim majority population.