India looking to launch surgical strike against Pakistan: FM Qureshi

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Friday India was planning a surgical strike against Pakistan days after a New Delhi-backed campaign against Islamabad was exposed.

Addressing a press conference in Abu Dhabi, FM Qureshi said he had received information “through our intelligence agencies” that India was preparing to launch a surgical strike against Pakistan and fanning a new wave of terrorism.

Terming the situation as sensitive, he said Pakistan was fully aware of India’s conspiracies and vowed that Islamabad would respond befittingly should New Delhi initiate military action.

The foreign minister said that this misadventure, in Pakistan’s opinion, was being done to divert attention from serious issues. “To begin with: The situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir.”

FM Qureshi said that the situation was minimal, but now it has deteriorated further, and because of the current Indian regime’s policies, there is a country-wide protest of farmers.

“The mishandling of the coronavirus by Indian authorities is known to everyone and the impact that it is having on their economy is known to all of you,” he said.

The farmers’ protest is growing as Opposition parties, civil society, and trade unions have expressed their support for them, he said, adding that the minorities were “uncomfortable in India.”