India stoops to new low, falsely claims Pakistani Basmati Rice as its own

In a new low, India is now falsely claiming Pakistani origin high-quality Basmati Rice as its own in European market.

Basmati Rice is known for its high-quality, impeccable aroma and unmatched taste, and is exported to Europe from both Pakistan and India. However, India in a bid to capture the vast European market, is now falsely claiming Pakistani Origin Basmati Rice as its own.

India has filed a request for Basmati Rice to be officially declared as an ‘Indian product’. According to the India’s request published in European Union Journal, the country has cited ‘geographical indications’ (GI) contending that Basmati Rice is a product of India.

Geographical indications (GI) are formulated by World Trade Organization (WTO) and are assigned to various products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin.

The use of a geographical indication, as an indication of the product’s source, acts as a certification that the product possesses certain qualities, is made according to traditional methods, or enjoys a good reputation due to its geographical origin.

According to Taufiq Ahmed Khan – former Senior Vice Chairman Pakistan Rice Exporters Association, India will use pre-partition official documents which referred the whole of sub-continent as ‘India’.

Why Pakistan must worry

Taufiq Ahmed has highlighted that India’s request is nefarious in nature and intends to ‘neutralize’ Pakistani export of Basmati Rice which essentially is a significant source of foreign exchange for the country.

If India succeeds in securing declaration of Basmati Rice as an Indian product, Pakistan will not be able to export its own produce of Basmati Rice under its own name and will have to make royalty payments for even selling its own product.

Pakistan has three months to counter India’s request and preserving, securing its exports rights regarding Basmati Rice.

India’s move has raised eyebrows in the federal capital as Senate’s Standing Committee has mulled over the possible ways to tackle Indian move and prospects for Pakistan.