Indian government bans 89 apps for its soldiers including Facebook and Instagram

The Indian government has asked its soldiers to uninstall 89 apps amid the country’s conflict with China.

, the Indian Army has directed all its officers and soldiers to delete 89 apps from their mobile phones citing security considerations and leakage of sensitive data

The ban will target Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and several others, so their soldiers can’t be spied.

As per the directive issued, these apps need to be deleted by July 15. The Army has also asked its personnel to delete their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

More than 1.3 million Indian soldiers will uninstall Facebook, Instagram, TikToks and several other apps.

 “The directive has been issued because there has been an exponential increase in the number of military personnel being targeted online by intelligence agencies of Pakistan and China,” an officer told leading Times of India – Indian daily.

The list includes the 59 China-linked apps that were blocked by the government recently. Here’s the complete list of the apps that the Army has asked to uninstall.