Indian intelligence officials harass Pakistani diplomat in New Delhi

Officials of an Indian spy agency stopped the vehicle of Pakistan’s Chargé d’Affaires Syed Haider Shah in New Delhi when he was on his way back home from work. He was intercepted and harassed by intelligence officials. They also misbehaved with the Pakistani diplomat.

The incident is a clear violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, according to diplomats.

It merits mentioning here that India had on May 31 declared two officials of the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi persona non grata and asked them to leave the country within 24 hours. The officials were identified as Abid Hussain Abid, 42, an assistant in the Pakistani mission, and Mohammad Tahir Khan, 44, a clerk.

Condemning the Indian move, the Foreign Office of Pakistan had said: “The Indian action has been accompanied by a negative pre-planned and orchestrated media campaign, which is a part of persistent anti-Pakistan propaganda.”

Two staff members of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi were lifted by the Indian authorities today (31 May 2020) on false and unsubstantiated charges. They were, however, released on intervention by the High Commission.

A possible detention and torture as well as threatening and pressuring of the diplomatic officials to accept false charges was reported which has been emphatically slammed by the government of Pakistan.