India’s expansionist approach, false propaganda on IOK threatening regional peace

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on National Security – Moeed Yusuf on Saturday, highlighted that India’s expansionist approach, false propaganda regarding IOK is threatening regional peace and stability.

Addressing a press-briefing in Lahore, Moeed Yusuf reiterated that India’s aggressive posture along with its expansionist approach towards geo-political issues is a threat to regional peace and stability.

NSA also stressed upon the fact that India is spreading false propaganda to back its own alternate narrative on Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), claiming that it has reached an ‘understanding’ with Pakistan on the disputed valley issue.

Expressing his views on India’s August 5 decision to revoke Kashmir’s special autonomous status, essentially violating UN Security Resolutions on the issue.

“Whatever measures you have taken should be reversed and decisions (in future) should be made according to the UN resolutions,” he added while addressing the Indian government.

Prior to this, Moeed Yusuf in an interview with Indian news outlet had revealed that India has been found involved in at least four terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

Terrorists who carried out Army Public School attack back in 2014, were found to be in-contact with Indian intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), whereas attacks on PC Hotel Gwadar, Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and Chinese Consulate in Karachi were also found to have ‘Indian connections’ all over them, he said.