‘Inshallah’ – Joe Biden’s sarcastic response to US President Donald Trump

Former US Vice President and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden sarcastically responds with ‘Inshallah’ to US President Donald Trump’s claims regarding latter’s tax records.

US President Donald Trump and former US Vice President Joe Biden went toe to toe in the first Presidential Debate a day earlier on September 29th, Tuesday.

During the course of debate, US President Donald Trump was questioned regarding his tax returns and when he plans to disclose it, to which the premier responded with strong reiteration that he has paid millions of dollars in taxes.

“Millions of dollars and you’ll get to see it,” he said.

However, Democratic Presidential Candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden responded to Donald Trump’s reaffirmation with a sarcastic ‘Inshallah’ – an Arabic and Persian term for ‘God Willing’, which in fact is a household and widely common term for Muslims around the world.

Joe Biden’s response has resulted in a mix response from people around the world, with Muslims largely praising the Democratic Presidential candidate.