Jacinda Ardern secures landslide victory in New Zealand Elections

Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party on Saturday, secured a landslide victory in New Zealand General Elections 2020.

Jacinda Ardern’s centre-left Labour Party managed to secure won 49 per cent vote as compared to the 27 per cent vote secured entre-right National Party, resulting in a landslide victory for Ms Ardern in New Zealand General Elections 2020.

The polling began at 9:00 am on Friday and continued till 7:00 pm local time, whereas around 3 million people had already voted via ‘early polling’ which started on October 3rd earlier this month.

According to New Zealand’s election commission, the nationalist New Zealand First Party managed to secure 2.6 per cent of vote, whereas Green Party votes stand at 7.6 per cent.

The opposing National Party leader Judith Collins has officially conceded and congratulated Ms Ardern on her election victory.

With an expected 64 seats secured out of a total of 120, Jacinda Ardern is all set to for her second term as New Zealand Prime Minister.

Jacinda Ardern – 40, has been widely praised for her effective and efficient handling of COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand, with the country being among the least effected nations from the virus pandemic around the world.

Moreover, her stature as a leader was further accentuated after Christchurch mosque shootings as she was widely praised for her stern condemnation of the far-right extremism.