Kachhi Maheshwari Meghwar Panchayat organizes one-day youth training workshop

Kachhi Maheshwari Meghwar Panchayat organized a one-day youth training workshop at Lyari’s Muslim Azad Hall, Khadda Market on Sunday earlier this week.

The workshop was presided by Ashok Kumar Sejwani and was hosted by Mahesh Kochra.


The workshop briefed the youth audience on various topics such as CV writing, personal grooming public speaking, presentation skills along with career counselling. Ashok Kumar, who was the lead trainer of the workshop, provided his much valuable insight to youth on career building.

Other trainers who participated in the workshop included Tulsi Kumar Sejwani, Sheerin Khan, Ahmed Naqvi and Jabbar Ali, who shared their invaluable experiences which provided much needed guidance to the youth regarding professional life.

The training workshop was aimed at providing guidance and counselling to youth regarding their future and upcoming professional life.


The workshop was hosted by renowned host Mahesh Kochra.

Expressing their views, Ashok Kumar, Mahesh Kochra and others reiterated their commitment regarding organizing such events in future as well.

The team apprised that the youth will be sent to various corporate companies where their mock interviews will be conducted in order to prepare them for the professional life.