Karachi CRTO launches E – katcheri for citizens

Corporate Regional Tax Office (CRTO) Karachi has launched a public outreach programme for efficient service delivery and ensuring public trust, according to an official memorandum issued on Tuesday.

The public outreach programme has been launched in compliance with the directive of the prime minister to conduct E-Khuli Katcheri to stay in contact with the public by all available means and provide them with an accessible platform to raise their issues for timely resolution.

In this regard Sajidullah Siddiqui, Chief Commissioner Inland Revenue, CRTO Karachi would conduct E-Khuli Katcheri on Friday of every second week of the month from 11:00 AM to 12:00 noon through Whatsapp.

The taxpayers’ facilitation wing of the FBR recently circulated about the programme directing that E-Katcheri would be conducted by every tier of FBR in the second week of every month on regular basis.

The FBR directed all the tax offices to ensure that all proceedings of the E-Katcheri were properly recorded and tasks should be assigned to concerned officers accordingly.

The tax offices have also been directed to submit performance report on the outcome of the meeting with public.

In the wake of Covid-19, the tax authorities should conduct one E-Katcheri at all tiers of FBR in the second week of every month. In the backdrop of Covid-19, only E-Katcheris should be conducted for the time being until normalcy of the situation.