Karachi declared 8th ‘most stressful’ city in the world

Karachi has been declared as the 8th ‘most stressful’ city in the world in 2021 by a German company VAAY.

With a score of 36.6, Karachi is ranked at 93rd position on the World’s Most Stressful Cities list making it the 8th most stressful city to live in around the world.

Karachi scored 17.9 in safety and security; 15.4 in Socio political stability; 11.9 – gender equality; 25.8 – minority equality; 4,246 people on density (per/km2); 65.4 – traffic congestion; 56.1 – weather; 21.3 – air pollution; 11.1 – noise pollution; 93.3 – light pollution; 4.7% – unemployment rate; 78.8 – financial stress; 22.7 – social security; 85.3 – mental health; 17.2 – access to healthcare and 82.2 on COVID-19 response stress impact score.

The ‘most stressful’ cities are as follows;

  • Mumbai, India
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Manila, Philippines
  • New Delhi, India
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Karachi, Pakistan
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Kiev, Ukraine

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Meanwhile, the least stressful cities include;

  •  Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Bern, Switzerland
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Oslo, Norway
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Innsbruck, Austria
  • Hanover, Germany
  • Graz, Austria

The Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021

‘The Least and Most Stressful Cities Index 2021’ compiled by VAAY compares and analyses 100 global cities for indicators related to stress. The cities were chosen for their size and significance, as well as for their availability of reliable and comparable data. The study consists of 4 broad categories – governance, city, finance and citizens’ health – each made up of individual stress indicators that determine how stressful a city is to live in.



Safety and Security (Score)

Socio-Political Stability (Score)

Gender Equality (Score)

Minority Equality (Score)


Density (persons/km2)

Traffic Congestion (Score)

Weather (Score)

Air Pollution (Score)

Noise Pollution (Score)

Light Pollution (Score)


Unemployment Rate (%)

Financial Stress (Score)

Social Security (Score)

Citizens’ Health

Mental Health (Score)

Access to Healthcare (Score)

Covid Response Stress Impact (Score)