Karachi milk retailers won’t decrease expense even with fine until shops closed up

The conflict between the milk retailers and Karachi administration goes on as the merchandisers keep to their guns – notwithstanding the seal of their shops.  

The Karachi commissioner commanded the action against the milk distributors – selling the milk at higher expense. The retailers unitedly declared that they are going to raise the prices of milk from RS 120 per kilo, from Saturday.

When the new prices started affecting people, the Karachi administration came to action and started charging fine to the milk stores and put a seal on them for further notice.

As stated by authorities, 74 shops have been sealed – and a collective charge of 456,000 was legitimately fined.

The head of the dairy and cattle farmer’s association, Shakir Gujjar declared that they won’t surrender. In fact, they are planning to raise the prices from Rs 135 per kilogram – from the upcoming month.

Contradicting the reports concerning to his arrest, he revealed that all of his outlets across the city, has been fastened, and he reprimand.

“We won’t take this increasing prices trudge back, he said. If they’d try to pressurize us, then we will attempt peaceful protests, and then take our supplication to the court, he warned”.

This decision has been actioned, to fulfill the loss of the farmer’s – which occurred due to corona virus, for overcoming the exceeding cases of the pandemic.  People have stocked up dry milk, in their homes – instead of loose milk, since it was locked down. It’s extremely affected the sales and turned out to be a massive loss for the farmer’s – all over the country.

Merchandisers have claimed the reason of their price demand – they were dropping prices so the milk was not frail, as insistence was low under the diminution. As stated by the President of the Diary and cattle, farmer’s association Shakir Gujjar – people bought dry milk to secure their self-isolation days in their residences, as the roaming was forbidden.

To settle accounts for the severe losses, Gujjar has already revealed in the month of March 2020, there would be an increment of Rupees 20 per liter – in the prices of milk, after the virus restrained.