Karachi mortuaries closed amid coronavirus threat

Karachi: Mortuaries in the country’s largest city have been closed to protect staff and volunteers amid coronavirus outbreak.

Morgues across the city have been temporarily closed after two bodies were brought to Edhi morgue who were suspected to have died of coronavirus.

As per a government official, “The morgues have been closed over fears that the coronavirus will spread from them.”

According to Edhi Foundation, orders of coffins and caskets have been suspended. Another prominent social welfare organization, Chhipa has announced that its morgues have been temporarily closed in light of the safety guidelines issued by medical experts.

“We don’t want the virus to be transmitted to a volunteer and from him, to spread to the rest of the city,” Ramzan Chhipa said.

In addition, grave-diggers have also expressed their concerns as they fear of contracting the virus due to lack of essential protective gear while dealing with the dead bodies of people suspected of being infected by COVID-19.