Karachi: Oxygen cylinder prices increased by 500 per cent

Oxygen cylinder prices have witnessed surge of 500 per cent in Karachi amid increasing coronavirus cases in the metropolitan city.

Karachiites have been facing a shortage of oxygen cylinders in the city amid the increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

Citizens have reported that both private and public hospitals have been facing an acute shortage of oxygen cylinders, which either aren’t available at all, or else are being sold after an increase of 500 per cent in their original price.

Oxygen cylinder that previously costed Rs4,000 s now being sold at Rs10,000. Meanwhile large oxygen cylinders are available at prices up to Rs 25,000 in the market.

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Expressing his views on the situation, Niaz Khan – Chairman Oxygen Dealers Association has held responsible oxygen manufacturing plant owners for the price hike claiming that they have simply refused to continue their supply to dealers citing increased demand from hospitals across the city.

It is to be noted that patients suffering from COVID-19 coronavirus suffer from breathing issues, and they need to be put on supplementary oxygen supply to assist their lungs which are usually severely affected by the novel virus.