Karachi police chief directs officers to abstain from manhandling citizens amid lockdown

Karachi: Karachi police chief Additional IGP Ghulam Nabi Memon has directed the force to ensure that citizens are not manhandled and humiliated amid coronavirus lockdown.

Due to lack of specific guidelines for police officers patrolling the streets, a number of incidents have been reported in which police humiliated violators and manhandling them. Commenting on complaints, Karachi police chief said, “We are making efforts to take action against such police officers who take law into their hands.”

According to the police chief, citizens can complain to the police helpline 15 or Karachi police’s WhatsApp number (03435142770) if they have any complain about any policeman or if any policeman has done anything wrong.

The Karachi police chief visited various parts of the city and reviewed the overall situation of the city which has been under a 15-day lockdown amid coronavirus outbreak. He has appealed to the citizens not to come out of their homes unless there’s a dire need to do so.

He clarified that Sindh police is under strict directives to ensure the implementation of lockdown across the province. Around 222 people were arrested in Karachi alone and 748 across the province on violating the government imposed lockdown.

“The government of Sindh has given a task to police to implement the lockdown. We are trying to our level best that the citizens should voluntarily confine themselves to their homes,” he stated.