Karachi: Six in custody over UOK Harassment incident

Six young males have been taken into custody over allegations of harassing a female student in University of Karachi.

According to details, the arrests are in-response to the FIR lodged by Institute of Business Administration (IBA) after one of its female students living in girls’ hostel within UOK premises was allegedly harassed by several people within UOK premises on October 5th.

The individuals involved in the incident are all minors and are the sons of staff members of the varsity, said Security adviser Dr Moiz Khan who is leading the internal investigation on the matter.  

Six individuals named Zakir, Umair, Abdul Rehman, Faizan, Zawar, and Hammad are in custody over suspicion of being involved in the incident.

According to details, a student Shaheer Ali, at around 11:30 pm was returning after dropping off one of his female friends at IBA Girls’ Hostel inside UOK.

On his way back, he was accompanied by another female friend in his car when 10 young men on four motorcycles surrounded them and began to follow them and issued threats.

“It was about 11.30 pm, I dropped her to the hostel and then me and my other female friend were headed towards maskan. As soon as we crossed safeet, 4 bikes appeared out of nowhere with total of about 10 people on them, and surrounded our car shouting “Bahar nikaal”, “Bahar aa”, “Bahar nikaal inko”, wrote Shaheer Ali on social media.

They then tried to get the car to stop and told the woman she should get out. They pounded on the windows, screaming for the girl to get out, he added.

Haris Tohid Siddiqui – IBA Spokesperson, has said that since the incident did not occur within IBA premises, it will be investigated by KU security and the Rangers.