PPP’s Farrukh Shah nabbed by authorities

The National Accountability Bureau on Saturday took Pakistan People’s Party’s Farrukh Shah under charges pertaining to an assets beyond means inquiry case already under way.

PPP stalwart and former leader of the opposition in the parliament, Khursheed Shah’s son had recently filed a request with the Supreme Court for pre-arrest bail in an ongoing probe.

The request was later withdrawn and the Supreme Court had ordered Farrukh to surrender before the Sukkur court in three days time.

In compliance with the apex court’s order, Farrukh surrendered before the accountability court today. Farrukh was taken to NAB’s office following the arrest.

NAB said it would seek a 15-day remand for Farrukh’s custody.

During court proceedings, Farrukh’s counsel Farooq H Naek said that his client had fully cooperated with NAB’s investigation and that the anti-graft watchdog had acknowledged in court that the probe is complete.

“When the probe is complete, what is the need for an arrest?” he asked.

The NAB prosecutor general, on the other hand, argued that the court had ordered that Farrukh surrender to a NAB team but that he had instead surrendered in court.

In an earlier hearing, the prosecutor had also told the court that Farrukh Shah “did not co-operate in the investigation”.

He said if the investigation officer asked Farrukh a question, he would reply by saying they should ask his father the same.

The prosecutor said that NAB had issued warrants for Farrukh Shah since April 2020.