Lyari building collapse: 3 deaths reported

Three deaths have been reported so far as rescue carried out work on Monday at the site of building collapse in Kalri area of Lyari.

The site of the incident has seen rescue and relief efforts pick up pace as the morning sun rose, many residents are still under the rubble and fears of the numbers of those dead and injured in the incident still loom large.

The five-storey building collapsed in Kalri yesterday leaving its residents stuck under the debris. Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) have told that the five-story building was 25 to 30 years old and was in tatters. The structure was erected on a 400 square yard plot and was asked to be evacuated by SBCA prior to the collapse, claim officials.

It has also been claimed that the residents had been issued multiple notices to leave the building due to its dilapidated condition but many refused to pay heed.

Reasons for the collapse are being determined while a conclusive answer to how many people may be stuck under the debris also remains undetermined.