‘Madadgar 15’ emergency response time to be enhanced: DIG Sindh Maqsood Memon

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) security Sindh – Maqsood Memon, has reaffirmed that the performance and response time of ‘15’ emergency helpline.

Addressing the performance of  Madadgar 15 police helpline, DIG Maqsood Memon revealed that currently 1,141 personnel and 176 vehicles are deployed at the police emergency helpline department, whereas 126 police personnel are available at any given time who are providing emergency response services and dealing with the public in three shifts round the clock.

Revealing the statistics regarding the department’s performance, DIG Maqsood Memon stated that the helpline receives 10,000 calls per day, and so far 69 dacoits have been apprehended, meanwhile another 36 attempts were foiled, meanwhile 18 kidnapped individuals were recovered, two kidnapping attempts were foiled and 15 criminals involved in kidnapping were also apprehended.

Furthermore, the department also assisted Fire Brigade department in 841 incidents, he added.

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In addition to it, Madadgar 15 helpline is also responsible for the timely detection and neutralizing of an explosive laced motorcycle parked near a Sindh Rangers check post.

The Police emergency helpline also plays a key role in dealing with domestic disputes, gas leakage incidents, drowning incidents, issue of missing persons and various other crisis and issues faced by the masses.

According to DIG Maqsood Memon, Madadgar 15 force was established in 1988 for providing emergency response services to the public, and was later expanded to every district in Sindh in 2001. Its offices have been established at CPO offices and in Karachi Madadgar 15 center is located at airport police station building.