Mara Wilson looks back at ‘Matilda’ fame as iconic film clocks in 25 years

American actor Mara Wilson is taking a trip down memory lane and reflecting on her iconic film Matilda.

With 25 years complete, the now-34-year-old actor spoke to ET about her life as a child star and how she managed to stay grounded while growing up in the glitzy world of Hollywood.

“I don’t know if we knew. I think we hoped that it would be a hit and I think that Danny and everybody who wrote on it and worked on it hoped, you know, we really hoped that it would do something,” she said.

“We knew that there weren’t a lot of movies like this. There weren’t very many movies where intelligence is rewarded and resourcefulness is rewarded. There also weren’t that many movies about little girls and especially not little girls who had inner strength, so I think that we knew that we were doing something kind of special,” she added.

“It was not a huge hit at the time. It did all right, but it didn’t do very well. It became a hit especially with VHS and with DVD, and I have been signing VHS that people kept and DVDs that people kept for 25 years now, and that is something that is really cool,” she said.

“And probably the coolest thing is when people tell me they introduced their children to it, so they will say, ‘My daughter loves it, my son loves it. I watch it with my kids,’ and that is really cool to know that you are a part of something that is generational,” shared Mara.