Mardan continues to report surge in coronavirus cases

MARDAN: Mardan continues to be the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus epidemic its union council Manga reported 60 new active cases of coronavirus brining the total number of cases in the city to 79.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has extended the closures of its tourism spots, educational institutions and government events due to deadly covid-19 pandemic.

The KP government has directed to extend the closure of educational institutions till May 31, as well as suspended education boards’ examinations due to coronavirus.

In a prior announcement, KP had decided to carry the closure of educational institutions till March 28.

The government is also ensuring that all public social activities are discontinued and remain suspended till April 30, whereas, the authorities have extended leaves of unnecessary employees in the government’s departments till April 15.

Authorities have also announced the closure of all tourism places till April 30 while hotels, restaurants, fast food shops will also remain closed till April 10.

The government also directed to shut beauty parlours and hair saloons till April 7.

General stores, medical stores, grocery shops, tandoor, bakeries are exempted from the restrictions.

The orders will not apply to the shops for daily usage commodities like fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, milk, auto workshops and petrol pumps.