Mass food poisoning, 700 got sick, one killed

More than seven hundred people suffered food poisoning and a child killed after consuming Shawarama from the same restaurant, in Jordan.

According to Arab Media sources, victims of food poisoning ate cut-price shawarma from a restaurant outside Amman,

The health ministry said Wednesday that the owner of the restaurant selling the popular rotisserie meat and bread snacks in Baqa’a district northwest of the capital was arrested.

“A five-year-old boy died of massive poisoning,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that at least 100 people had been hospitalized by Tuesday morning before the number reached 700 by Wednesday morning.

“Laboratory tests carried out by specialized investigation teams from the General Food and Drug Administration showed bacteria in the meat and poultry.”

A special offer of a shawarma meal for one Jordanian dinar (about $1.4), or about half the usual price, had sparked an influx to the restaurant.