Mehwish Hayat infuriates over Karachi circumstances as rain strike port city

Pakistani actress Mehwish Hayat has shown her anger over gigantic traffic jam, electrical failure, destroyed roads, and other disastrous issues of Karachi city – which occurred during heavy rain.

Karachi city on Friday evidence intense trouble, when the hefty rain beat up the port city pulling out dwarfish locations poured over – being the reason behind heavy traffic jam and power outages.

Mehwish Hayat, who off times pull out authorities – notice towards metropolitan issues, took to twitter and post some pictures from the current situation of the city, portraying the worst circumstances after the current stream of rain – on which she expressed her exasperation.

She claimed: “We get some Karachi rain and the 7th largest city in the world, conk out.

Roads flood, cars drowned, people get electrocuted, power outages”.

The Load Wedding super star urged the Sindh government, DHA and Cantt board for operation, saying: “Sindh Government, DHA, Cantt board, to band together and soon resolve the disastrous issue now!”

She further said: “We generate the most revenue in the country, we deserve better”.

As stated by a report almost half of the Karachi roads, whereabouts were inundate with sewage mix rain water, many of the low lying areas were turned down to pools of dirty water, as the blocked storm water drains overcrowded after Friday afternoon.

Thousands of automobiles were stuck on crucial access routes drown in flooded rainwater.