Modi to avenge blood of Indian soldiers killed by China from Pakistan

The shocking thrashing of Indian soldiers by the Chinese military men near the Galwan valley located on the disputed Himalayan border (The Actual Line of Control) has opened the gates of hell for the fascist Modi regime which is trying to find any option to launch false-flag operation against Pakistan in a bid to divert the world’s attention.

Unprecedented, the deadliest clash between the Chinese and Indian soldiers were hand-to-hand combat amid in the world equipped with heavy arms and ultra-modern weaponry techniques. On humanitarian grounds, I will not hail the killing of any soldier regardless of nationality but I have deep concerns that how the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will respond to hide the diplomatic embarrassment it has suffered and then would build his political stature on the dead bodies of Indian soldiers.

Interestingly, after talks between the top regional military commanders held earlier this week, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said both sides “agreed to take necessary measures to promote de-escalation”.

Pertinent to mention, India does not have the capacity or the strength to incite war against China which is as populous and more importantly more in strength in terms of Military might. Therefore, for face saving the BJP led government of India will incite state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir and in the entire region and would turn its gun against Pakistan.

The anticipation is based on past accounts reminiscent of Pulwama attack and the following unfolding of events: The first anticipation is that Indian state would revert back to more use of violence against the Kashmiris with the help of propaganda machinery (Media) in building concocted narrative blaming Islamabad for sending infiltrators subduing the indigenous Kashmirii struggle for freedom. Or else, a false flag operation at the Line of Control claiming to execute non-state actors operating from Pakistani soil. In both cases, Pakistan has to play a very sensible role to overcome demeaning designs set by New-Delhi.

Ascertaining the sensitivity of the situation all serving chiefs of armed forces were invited at ISI headquarters on 16th June to get the briefing on the changing regional situation and available intelligence about the fall out of Indian-china standoff.

The Modi regime has played its first card of hostility giving Pakistan the ultimatum to halved diplomatic staff in New-Delhi and reciprocated by calling out their staff back to India. Earlier, two Pakistani low level diplomatic staff were expelled on the charges of espionage, unproven yet. 

Hence the lives of billions are at stake just because Modi has a hunger to avenge the blood of its soldier so that his political legacy can thrive but not against China as we think. The fall out will be against Pakistan and the Civil-Military leadership must be well aware before it gets too late.