More than a dozen people lose eyesight after surgery at a private hospital in Multan

More than a dozen people have lost their eyesight after undergoing surgery at a private hospital in Multan.

As per details, 16 people including seven women have reportedly lost their eye sight after undergoing eye surgery at a private hospital in Multan’s area of Larr.

According to the affected patients, they experienced pain in their eyes after the operations and were unable to see at all once the bandages were removed.

Dr Hasnain Mushtaq – the surgeon who carried out the surgeries, has denied any wrongdoing saying that the affected patients reported complications only after 2-3 days after the surgery.

11 out of 16 patients suffered from the postoperative complications, of which seven have recovered completely, said the hospital manager Mumtaz Khan.

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has taken notice of the matter directing the health department to investigate the matter and take prompt action against those who are responsible for carrying out wrong eye surgeries.

Usman Buzdar has also directed the secretary of health and the commissioner Multan Division to submit a detailed report into the matter.