Motorway Rape Case: Here’s what Abid Ali’s possible changed appearance might look like

Abid Ali – the prime accused in Motorway Rape Case, has been on the run for more than a week and the police suspects the accused might resort to altering his appearance to evade arrest.

The police has issued four different sketches of the possible changed looks expected to be adopted by Abid Ali.

The expected disguises and altered physical looks include with variations in hairstyle and facial hair and have been produced via photo-editing software.

One of the pic reflects his original face and hairstyle, whereas a second showcases him as bald-headed and clean shaved. Another variation show Abid Ali with bald head and only a moustache, and the last variation shows Abid Ali with a French beard.

Punjab government has already announced a reward of Rs 2.5 million for anyone having essential information regarding the suspect’s whereabouts that might lead to his apprehension.

Furthermore, police sources have cited that Abid Ali might have escaped to other provinces including Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).

As per the details, 28 investigation teams are working on the case, meanwhile Abid Ali’s National Identity Card (NIC) has also been blocked. The police has also arrested four people from Raja Jhang  on accusations of being in contact with the suspect.

It is pertinent to know that Waqarul Hassan –  one of the suspect in Motorway Rape Case, surrendered before the authorities on September 13th claiming that his cellphone was being used by his brother in law Abbas, who also surrendered to the police a day later.

In addition to it, police have also apprehended two other suspects Shafqat and Iqbal alias Bala Mistry, the former has confessed to the crime and so has been confirmed by the DNA match as well.

Motorway Rape Case

A woman – mother of two and whose identify has not yet been disclosed, was travelling with her children on Sialkot-Lahore motorway along with her two children when her car ran out of fuel at the Gujjarpura section at around 1:30 am between the night of  September 8th and 9th.

She had duly informed and shared her location with a relative and even tried approaching  Motorway Police via their helpline, however she received no response from the latter.

Meanwhile, two robbers approached the car, broke the window and then raped the victim repeatedly in front of her children.

The robbers also took Rs 100,000 in cash, a bracelet, car registration and three ATM cards with them.