NAB: Sharif must test again at Shaukat Khanum or AKUH

The National Accountability Bureau has advised Opposition leader Shehbaz Sharif to retest for COVID-19 infection again at either Shaukat Khanum or Aga Khan Hospital after he reported testing positive for new coronavirus.

The watchdog has explained that there have been several instances when COVID-19 positive patient tested negative upon getting the test done at different laboratories.

NAB also said that on Sharif’s last appearance in court a day before, SOPs were followed strictly and questioning was carried out while officers wore masks and gloves and maintained social distance.

The bureau has maintained that Sharif only appeared in the court for hardly an hour. And while there are many Muslim League N members COVID-19 positive, it is questionable that Sharif tested positive for the virus after this appearance overnight.

Sharif has been a cancer patient and his party members have bee urging the court to relieve him from appearance to hearing as he was susceptible to catching the virus.

The NAB has advised the opposition leader to get tested again as a measure of confirmation.