Nagpur: Women denied for Maternity benefits lodged a complaint against Municipal commissioner

Woman harassed by the Municipal commissioner in Nagpur lodged a complaint against him.

According to the Indian media reports, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has issued a notice to Nagpur Municipal Commissioner Tukaram Mundhe after it received a complaint of harassment from a woman employee at Nagpur Smart and Sustainable City Corporation Limited.

The Notice signed by NCW Chairman Rekha Sharma dated July 6 stated, “The NCW is in receipt of a complaint pertaining to denial of maternity benefit, mental harassment, and humiliation at her workplace and by senior officers. She has further alleged that she was not only denied maternity rights but also served a show-cause to terminate her.”

 “The NCW condemns such activities by your department. You are, therefore, required to submit a detailed report in the matter after taking due action within seven days of this letter,” The notice further stated.

The complainant had also approached the police with her complaint but it was directed it to Nagpur divisional commissioner. In her complaint letter, the woman has alleged that Mundhe “talked down to her in a derogatory manner” after she refused to act on a task that allegedly violated norms.

According to the woman’s complaint, she was appointed chief knowledge officer in February 2019, and her one-year contract was renewed. Last month, however, she was allegedly asked to resign due to “unfavorable” appraisal of work, but she refused.

Her services were, however, allegedly terminated. The woman has also alleged that she was denied maternity benefits.