NASA astronauts interact with Pakistani fourth graders, answer questions on science and space

NASA astronauts in a first, interacted with Pakistani students and answered their queries on science and space.

In an unexpected turn of events, fourth grade students from the Cornerstone School in Karachi, Pakistan received reply to their queries on science and space from America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts.

“We read about you in all our books and are fascinated by your adventures in space. We really admire your work and we have some questions for you, please reply when you have time,” said the open letter written to NASA by students.

  • Alisha – 10 asked, ‘What fuel does a space ship use?’
  • Minahil – 10 asked, ‘What should I study to become a part of NASA?’
  • Haniyah – 9 said, ‘Is it true that it rains diamonds on Jupiter?’
  • Mahrukh – 9 asked, ‘How do you fell when you get blasted off in a space shuttle?’
  • Anabiya – 9 asked, ‘What is the most fascinating thing that you have discovered yet?’
  • Rayyan – 10 asked, ‘Do you get sacred that your space shuttle might get lost?’

One of the teacher posted the open letter on Twitter, which was retweeted more than 1,000 times. Eventually students’ queries got multiple responses from several astronauts.