NDMA figure out 21 chocking points in Karachi drains

National disaster management authority (NDMA) has declared: There are total 552 small and deep drains in the city. From which 38 are massive and cleaning of 22 has been started on strict commandment.

Sindh Government has taken over the responsibility of cleaning of 19 drainages. FWO has disinfecting the Gujjar Nala, Korangi Nala, and Mouach goth nala.

At three gigantic drains, there is chalk points tomorrow – at twenty-one locations. There are fourteen teams are working at the cleaning of the sewages. They have captured 4 thousands and 364 tons of wastage from the drainages, past day.

FWO is working at the ultimatum of 24 hours to clean all the culverts.