No allegation of corruption or dishonesty against Justice Isa: SC

ISLAMABAD: Hearing Justice Qazi Faez Isa’s petition against the reference, Supreme Count observed that there was no allegation of corruption or dishonesty against the judge.

The petition filed by Justice Isa against the reference was heard by a full bench of the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Federal government’s counsel, Dr. Faroogh Naseem argued that Justice Isa had not provided the money trail for the properties of his family.

From the SC bench, Justice Bandial observed that there was no such allegation of corruption or money attained through illegal means.

“Undeclared foreign property comes unde the purview of the tax law,” said Justice Bandial and asked Naseem to explain the legal basis that requires Justice Isa to disclose his family assets.

He further noted that the reference cannot be filed on tax violation and the case comes under Article 209 of the constitution that pertains to action against a judge when he has been guilty of misconduct, and Justice Isa had already declared income enough to purchase his properties in 2008-2009.